A Complete Tour Guide to Nanda Devi National Park

A Complete Tour Guide to Nanda Devi National Park

Nanda Devi National Park has located at an elevation of 3500 meters above sea level. It has situated in the Northern Indiana state of Uttarakhand. The Nanda Devi Park is one fo the famous Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarakhand. Thousands of travelers visit this destination for enjoying their holiday Trips. It has inscribed the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. In Nanda Devi Park various type of Animals stay here. It has home for Birds, Animals. The Park Location attracted the tourists with Lush Greenish trees and Trekking spot. The Park has covered by Buffer Zone more than 5000 square meters.

Nanda Devi Park lies on the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. It has divided to Lower Sanctuary and Upper Sanctuary. Nanda Devi Sanctuary forms under the National Park. It has surrounded by Heigh Peak that more than 6000 to 6500 Meters height. The Nanda Devi Park and Valley of National Park have spread togeather in Foothill of Himalayan. Nanda Devi Peak attracted the Visitors during the mornings of Winter session. In Winter season, Snow capped from the Himalayas and Sunrises shine literally. 

Climate Condition

The temperature is in Nanda Devi Wildlife Sanctuary, and National Park maintained Migrate Cold condition. The Temperature ranges dropdown between 8 degree Celsius to 19 Degree Celsius. The receives snow from Six months. In Summer It cleared and Shows Pleasant days. In Rainfall Session, it receives little rainfall.

Best Time To Reach Nanda Devi Park

Nanda Devi National Park attracted the visitors with Snow Covered Peak and Wild Aminals, Trekking Spot, Adventure Spot, Ancient Temples near Nanda Devi Peak. The Tourists visit this destination for enjoying the Summer Trip. The Parks open during the Months of May to October months. In winter it entirely covered with Snoe. That’s why the entrance of the park closed in Winter and summer up to April Month. 

Wildlife in Nanda Devi Park

The Nanda Devi Peak covered with Snow. It has a spot of Skating and Trekking spot in Summer. The Park has home for Wildlife. Common Larger Animals, Himalayan Black Bear, Mainland Serow, Leopard, Leopard cat, Tigers, Elephants, Deer, Himalayan Musk Deer, Snow Bear, Langurs, Goral. The Birds that can live here, Yellow- Bellied Fantail Flycatcher, Pigeons, Himalayan Vulture, Butterflies, Bees, Green Bees, Peacocks, Flying Eagles, Honey Bees.

How to Reach

The Nearest Airport to Reach Nanda Devi Park is Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun about 219 kilometers away.

By Railway

The Nearest Railway route is Rishikesh. It has situated about 250 kilometers away.

By Raod

The Nanda Devi  Sanctuary well connected with Major cities and town in Joshimath is nearer spot to visit Nanda Devi Paek. To Reach Joshimath locations here available regular transports. 


The tourist accommodation as the State government permit limit of groups in every session. The visitors can stay in Joshimath with camping along the way. The Entry fee for Indian nationals Rs. 2500 per person per day. It grouped Three persons for each cluster. And Foreign nationals Rs, 2600 per person per day. The Nada Devi National Park located nearer to Dehradun. Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Guesthouse, and Dehradun Travel.

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