Angkor Wat Tourism: Place Of Peace And Power

Angkor Wat Tourism: Place Of Peace And Power

Angkor is a temple in Cambodia and one of the famous and largest temple complex in the world. The temple complex of Angkor Wat has a number of temples. Originally constructed as Hindu Temple. The deity of this temple dedicated to Hindu god Lord Vishnu. The Original name of this temple Vrah Visnuloka or Parama Visnuloka. This temple was founded in the 12th century during the period of Khmer empire.

It is one of the largest monuments religion construction and wonders of the world. Bayon is a Mahayana Buddhist temple located in Cambodia. The temple was richly decorated Khmer at Angkor. The temple was built in the 12th century by Mahayana Buddhist King Jayavarman II. It was one of the oldest Buddhist temples in this country.

Best Season To Visit Angkor Wat

The drier, coolers months from November to March are busiest months and best months to explore extra fun and culture of Angkor Wat. April is the Khmer New Year month. It is another month to visit Cambodia. 

History of Bayon Temple 

It was the Last Buddha temple in Angkor state. The Bayon was built as Buddhist Temple. The statue of the Main idol placed under the Snake Mucalinda. The temple was situated around 2050 square meters. The Temple was built with a brown sandstone. The architecture of this temple attracted the travelers from all over the world. It is an open-topped temple.

Tourist Attractions in and Around Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Visit Preach Khan, Phnom Penh Royal Palace, Tonle Sap Lake, Banlung, Virachey National Park, Cycling Tour to Angkor Temple in Cambodia, A Guided tour of Phnom Penh City have known attractions placed around Bayon Temple.

Things To Do In Angkor Wat Tourism

Cycling, Hot Air Ballooning, and Photography are the thrilling activities to do at this destination. There are a few tested Cycle track spotted at Angkor Wat. 

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