Asan Barrage Bird Sanctuary – Bird Watching in Asan Barrage, Uttarakhand

Asan Barrage Bird Sanctuary – Bird Watching in Asan Barrage, Uttarakhand

Asan Barrage, popularly known as Dhalipur Lake. The barrage was famous for bird watching. The bird sanctuary was created in the year of 1976. Asan Wildlife Sanctuary located in Uttarakhand to Himachal Pradesh border in Dehradun district. The sanctuary has a home to explore species of wild animals and unknown species of birds. The Asan Barrage Bird Sanctuary offered a wide range of attractions to the travelers. The barrage also spelled as Assan Barrage or Aasan Barrage. It was also a perfect spot for adventure camps and trekking trails. Surrounding areas of the sanctuary covered by a lush greenery grasslands.







Best Season To Explore Bird Sanctuary in Asan Barrage

The reservoir has a tropical north Indian monsoon climate. It experiences pleasant climate during the winter and little bit of warm climate during the summer season. So the best season to explore Aasan Bird Sanctuary from October to April months. At this time, the sanctuary received a peaceful climate and a perfect time for Bird watching.


The summer season of this sanctuary starts from the months March and lasts until June. During this time, it gains a maximum temperature of 38 degree Celsius. West monsoon during June to September. The average rainfall of this sanctuary is 250cm. The sanctuary filled with lush nature after monsoon season. October is marked as the start of winter season and lasts until February. At this time, the sanctuary received cold climate ranging up to 20degree Celsius.

Asan Barrage Bird Sanctuary

Flora & Fauna in Asan Barrage Bird Sanctuary

It was situated at the confluence of the river Yamuna Canal and Asan River. Asan river is a river fed by the streams of the western Doon Valley. The sanctuary was filled with dry deciduous forests. The regular visitors and professional bird watchers can have a wonderful time between the early months of May to September.

A number of birds visited this place at this time. Eichhornia Crassips, Typha Elephantine, Ceratophyllum Demersum are available vegetations in this sanctuary. Pintail, Red Crested Pochard, Ruddy Shelduck, Common Pochard, Mallard, Gadwall, CommonTeal, Shoveller are known species of birds in this sanctuary. 19 species of Vintage migratory birds also lived in this sanctuary. 


Aasan Bird Sanctuary well linked to the major destination in Uttaranchal via road, rail, and airways. The sanctuary situated about 25 kilometers from Dehradun. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant in Dehradun. The airport located about 23 kilometers from this sanctuary. The bird sanctuary connected to Dehradun national highway. The National highway located about 32 kilometers from this sanctuary.


Asan Barrage Bird Sanctuary offered a wide range of accommodation facilities to the regular travelers. Luxury Hotels, resorts, tourist guest houses, forest rest houses also available to all kind of travelers budget. GMVN Asan Conservation Resort also provides luxury accommodation opportunities. The Conservation resort located about 43 kilometers from Dehradun valley. 

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