Best Hang Gliding Destinations in India – Hang Gliding Tours

Best Hang Gliding Destinations in India – Hang Gliding Tours

In recent days, India is developed as an adventure favorable destination. Hang Gliding, an air sport or recreational adventure activity which pilot flies a light without motorized, foot-launched heavier-than-air craft called as Hang Gliding. In India, Thrilling seekers can enjoy the hang-gliding activity through the entire country. It was one of the best and thrilling adventure activity in the world. In India, travelers may also enjoy more thrilling activities. Hang Gliding Destinations in India are Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Kerala, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, and Rajasthan destinations are perfect for Hang-Gliding. A traveler can try to do this thrilling activity under the protection of experienced Hang Gliders with a minimum of ten years experienced persons. 







 1. Hang Gliding in Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Kalhatti Falls is a famous tourist attraction located near to Ooty. The destination has perfect for Hang gliding adventure activities. This waterfall located about 13 kilometers from Ooty in Nilgiri hills on Ooty to Mysore Road. Hundreds of travelers from different parts of India explored this destination during the winter and late monsoon season. Ooty, queen of the hill stations in South India. It is located at an altitude of 20533 meters above sea level. The Summer festival held every year during the month of May in Botanical Garden. Flower  Show at this place attracted the travelers from all over India. Kalhatti Falls is perfect for Adventure activities.

Hang Gliding Destinations in India 

2. Himachal Pradesh Hang-Gliding Destinations in India

Himachal Pradesh, a state in the northern part of India. In this state, Kangra Valley, Bilaspur, Pabbar Valley is famous for Gliding adventure activities. A Hang-glider, a quite heavy and much-complicated object. Kangra valley is the perfect destination for this type of adventure activity. The Valley situated in the western Himalayas at an average floor elevation of 2000ft above sea level. The destination is a home of Masroor rock cut temple. Thousands of gliders explored this place during the spring and summer seasons. Hang-gliding activity at this place offers a thrilling experience to each adventure seeker.

3. Sikkim Hang Gliding Tour

Sikkim, a state in northeast India. The destination has known for trekking, rafting, Biking, and Gliding adventure activities. The state is a home to glaciers, alpine meadows, and thousands of wildflowers. Sikkim is one of the perfect destination to Hang Gliding destinations in India. Manipur and Assam are other states in India. These are good destinations for Hang-Gliding. 

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