Best Train Routes in India- A Luxury Train Journeys in India

Best Train Routes in India- A Luxury Train Journeys in India

Indian Railways provides memorable Journey and Luxury Train Journey to interested travelers. We all have memories of reaching Railway station and waiting for Train, Buying Books, and A Number of Magazines, fighting for Window seats, Someone has thinks different to travel in Trains. Indian trains give Best Train Routes In India to reach South India, and North India tourist destinations. Indian Railway Department provides Luxury trains for interested travelers. Some destination famous for Mid- Monsoon session. Thousands of travelers interested in making Mid- Monsoon Train Journey in Indian Luxury Trains and Ordinary Trains. Each Journey gives valuable memories in your Life. Some Beautiful and excited Railway routes.

1. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Toy Train Journey is one that runs from Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling. It has 2 ft train and also Called as Toy Train. The Journey gives a peaceful nature and quite scenic beauty of mountains. The Railways of Nilgiri Mountain Railway and Kalka to Shimla Train Journeys considered under UNESCO world heritage site. It has one of the best Mountains Train Journeys in India. Batasia Loop, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which is famous railway route. It has a memorial of Indian Gurkha. The destination has filled with travelers in peak Session and this memorial surrounded by  Greenish plantations.

2. Goa Express

Goa Express is a daily superfast Train in India which is connected to Vasco Da Gama and Hazrat Nizamuddin in New Delhi. The Goa Express provides a railway route from Vasco Da Gama to Londa in Karnataka. The Way to this destination filled with greenish and High altitude mountains and Water flows from this mountains. It has another Impressive train routes and Train Journey in India. Thousands of travelers excited to make a Journey on Goa Express. All have collected and experienced some memories in your life journey.

3. Mandovi Express

All have discussed these two places. One is Beauty and Busy life destination and another one is a Vacation experienced destination. Mandovi Express starts the journey from Mumbai to Goa. This train trip gives a relaxation from tension and stress-free life. Travelers attracted for make thing train trip in Mid- Monsoon Session. In this session, Train Journey gives an enjoyable experience. Mandovi Express runs daily 11 to 15 hours. Name of the rain considered after Mandovi River. The train starts from Mumbai and ends in Madgaon Junction. 

4. The Island Express

The Island Land Express in Indian Railways journey starts from Bangalore and Ends in Kanyakumari. It has a short train journey but one packed trickles journey. The Journey made between coconut trees, Kerala Churches, Ancient Temple Gopurams. Travelers like to make this train journey around all year. The Journey filled with Pleasant greenish nature, Spectacular view of locations and Picturesque of Land spaces. Best Train Routes in India, The Island Express is a major train route in Mid- Monsoon session. Indian Railway Journey one of the major attraction for travelers. most of the people preferred train Journey to transfer to another tourist destinations in India.

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