Chandoli National Park – Chandoli National Park Stay And Jungle Safari, Maharashtra

Chandoli National Park – Chandoli National Park Stay And Jungle Safari, Maharashtra

Chandoli is natural world heritage site and wildlife sanctuary. The Sanctuary spread an area of 315.46 square kilometers up to Satara, Kolhapur, and Sangli districts of the Indian state of Maharashtra. The sanctuary has one of the known national parks of this state. In early days, it was declared as a wildlife sanctuary since 1985. The National park established in 2004. Candoli National Park, a home to several species of wild animals and birds. National Park, Chandoli is protected by Maharashtra state forest department. The National Tiger Authority declared it as Protect Tiger Tiger Reserve. Hundreds of thrilling seekers explored this park through the entire year. Chandoli Park situated near to Chandoli Dam.







Season to Visit Chandoli Wildlife Sanctuary

The Best season to visit Chandoli is from October to February. During this time, it experiences moderately pleasant climate. Monsoon is not a good time to explore this sanctuary. At this time, it received heavy rainfall.

Chandoli National Park

Wild Animals & Birds and Things to Do in Chandoli Wildlife Sanctuary

The Chandoli National park is one of the famous national parks in India. The sanctuary has nine Tigers and 66 Leopards. Travelers can also observe other wild animals include Lions, Indian Langur, Bengal Tigers, Indian Leopards, tigers, leopards, gaur, barking deer, mouse deer, sloth bears and blackbuck.

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