Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary – Details of Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary, Ladakh

Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary – Details of Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary, Ladakh

Changtang is a part of the high altitude of Tibetan plateau in western Tibet extended into Southern Ladakh region. Changthang wildlife sanctuary is one of the famous tourist attraction in this high altitude Tibetan plateau. The sanctuary has a home to several species of Himalayan mountain animals. During the winter season, the sanctuary experienced cold climate and received snowfall from the Himalayas. The Snow leopard is the major species of animal of this wildlife sanctuary. Thousands of travelers from all over India explored this sanctuary during the for enjoying the pleasant and thrilling atmosphere of this sanctuary. 







Best Season to Visit Chantang

Due to the high elevation, the destination experienced freezing temperature ranging up to -8 degree Celsius. Changthang Cold Desert Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to Himalayan animals. The best season to explore the wildlife of this cold desert sanctuary from October to December and March, April months. The summer season of this city starts from the month of March and it continues until the month of Mid-June. During this time, the desert spot gains pleasant climate ranging up to 15 degree Celsius. October is marked as the start of Winter season until February. At this time, it received cold climate ranging up to 5 degree Celsius. 

Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary

Wild Animals and Things to Do in Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary located in Hindu Kush Himalayas in Leh district of the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The sanctuary has a home to numerous species of Animals, Birds, Reptiles, and Vegans. This sanctuary hosts Tibetan Wild Ass, Snow Leopard, Lynx, Fox, and Wild Dog. In this sanctuary, travelers can observe 200 species of wild plants. It was one of the famous destination for trekking trails. 

How to Reach and Accommodation in Chanthang

Changthang Sanctuary situated about 256 kilometers from Srinagar. The Desert much linked to the major cities in Jammu and Kashmir via road, rail, and airways. To reach this desert plateau via roadway offers a breathtaking view. The nearest airport located in Leh. From this airport regular flights connected to the major airports in India. Udhampur railway station is located close to this sanctuary. Travelers can book your accommodation near to Changthang wildlife sanctuary. It provides tourist guest house or forest rest houses to the regular travelers. 

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