Complete Guide To Visit Panhala Hill Station, Maharashtra

Complete Guide To Visit Panhala Hill Station, Maharashtra

Panhala Hill Station is a well-known destination for the Hill station lovers. Panhala is a city of India’s financial capital Maharashtra. It is situated at height 3177 meters above sea level.  Tourists regularly visit the hill station to enjoy the beauty and the destination is filled with a number of places of interest, each with its share of expressive sketches. The hill station has a great history and will know the information about Shivaji. Panhala is a small city in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, has few more tourist attractions around Panhala hill station and the best destination for adventurers.

Climatic Condition:-

The climate of Panhala is generally hot, summer season starts from March and continues to till May. During this period the temperature records 35-degree Celsius and May are the hottest months in the season. From mid-June to September is considered as monsoon, temperature ranges between 22-26 degree Celsius. Monsoon starts from December to February, the best time to visit the Panhala Hill Station is winter season, here the temperature which records 16 to 30 degree Celsius. 

Best Time To Visit Panhala:

Tourists visit Panhala Hill station for enjoying the scenic beauty, fort, and for caves. The best time to explore the Panhala Hill Station is both Summer and Monsoon seasons. Hill station lovers and School children eventually visit the Hill Station.

Places To See In Panhala Hill Station:

Panhala Fort is one of the major attraction in the Hill Station. Chatrapathi Shivaji ruled here for more than a year. The Western Ghats are near to Kolhapur, which is an attractive place for the adventurers. Sajja Kothi is one more attractive place in Panhala, an interesting story attached to this monument. There are many temples which are in Panhala. Ambabi Temple, the oldest temple in Panhala, Shivaji seek the blessings here for a long time.

Complete Guide To Visit Panhala Hill Station, Maharashtra

Sambaji temple is also a famous temple, built in the memory of the first King of Kolhapur Sambaji. Nayakini Sajja, Teen Darwaza, Someswar Tank, Parashar caves are attracting the tourists. The Maharashtra tourism provides various packages to visit the Panhala Hill station and surroundings.

How To Reach:

The Panhala Hill Station is very close to Kolhapur and well is connected to Sir, Train, and Buses. Private rickshaws and other vehicles are available from Kolhapur and Sangli.

By Air:

The airport closest to Panhala is Kolhapur Airport, You will reach the destination at just 30km from the airport.

By Train:

Kolhapur railway station is the nearest station to reach Panhala, which is 35 kilometres from the Panhala Hill Station. Vehicles are available at the railway station.

By Road:

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation provides bus facility from Kolhapur to Panhala. Many vehicles and auto-rickshaws are available between Kolhapur-Panhala.


Panhala Hill Station offered accommodation facilities to the tourists.  Rooms and tents also provided by Tourism Corporation of Maharashtra at a reasonable cost.


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