Complete Tour Guide To Visit Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary

Complete Tour Guide To Visit Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary

Dachigam National Park is located in Srinagar in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The National Park has a home for the few different wild animals, Birds. Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary has divided into Two regions, Upper Dachigam and Lower Dachigam. The Place has well access with the Main cities in J&K state. Thousands of travelers visit this destination throughout the year. Dachigam sanctuary has established in 1982 In Kashmir. It has also known as the Paradise of India. It has provided few more attractions for the Visitors. Name of the sanctuary stands on the memory of Ten Villages.

Climate Conditions

The Dachigam National Park has located in Zabarwan Range of Himalayas at an altitude of 5500 to 14000 ft about sea level. The Park location has tropical climate throughout the year. The Summer session starts from March to June. During this session, temperature ranges between 14 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. Winter session starts from October to Mid of March. In this months, It gains a minimum of Two to Four Degree Celsius. Dachigam  Park has offered a favorable climate for the Travelers. Winter session is a witness for Freezing climate.

Best Time To Visit Dachigam Sanctuary

Dachigam Sanctuary has one of the famous tourist’s spots in J&K. In Summer, Park has received a maximum of hot temperature during the Summer due to high elevation. End of winter session is avoided to visit the Park. Because of it has received a mild cold temperature. The Best time to visit this place during the months of October and November. These months offered a viewable environment for the Tourists. Due to the Low-temperature park has to close from January to April months. In Summer it should not possible to explore the sanctuary.

Wildlife Animals in Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary

The Dachigam National park has located in J&K. So Wildlife department of Jammu and Kashmir protected the sanctuary and wild animals in this park. It has a Wildlife Institue of J&K. The place has protected different types of Animals, Birds, vegans. Wild Animals in Dachigam


Leopard, Musk Deer, Himalayan Balck Bear, Brown Bear, Tigers, Snow Leopards, Red Fox, Hangul, Asiatic Elephants, Jungle Cat, Otter, Hill Fox, Himalayan  Throated marten.


Black Bulbul, Himalayan Flycatcher, Cinnamon Sparrow, Wagtail, Babbler, Redstart, Wall Creeper, Chough, Himalayan Monal.

How To Reach Dachigam Park

The Dachigam Sanctuary has well access with main cities in Jammu and Kashmir.

By Air Port

The nearest airport is situated about 22 kilometers from Srinagar. From this town buses, taxis available.

By Railway

The Nearest railway line has situated in Jammu which is located about 158 kilometers from Dachigam

By Road

Dachigam park has easily access with Srinagar, Pahalgam, and Jammu by regular transport. 


Dachigam has first started for the Clean drinking water for Srinagar. After, it has declared as a National park in 1981. It has home for the Kashmir Hangul or Kashmir Stag. It has provided accommodation facilities for the visitors. The Tourist authority of Dachigam has offered Accommodation for the cheapest price in both Upper and Lower section of Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary

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