Complete Tour Guide To Visit Shillong Hill Station, Meghalaya

Complete Tour Guide To Visit Shillong Hill Station, Meghalaya

Shillong is a Hill Station and Town in East Kashi District of the North- West Indian state of Meghalaya. It has situated at an average elevation of 4350 meters above the sea level. Shillong Hill Station is famous for Indian visitors and also for Foreign Travelers. It has also known as Adobe of Clouds. Shillong is one of the best Hill Stations in India. Tourist places around this hill station attracted all kind of travelers. It has capital of Composite Assam during British Regime after it has separated state as Meghalaya. The place attracts thousands of tourists around all year. Houses in Shillong has colonial structure and It has Highland climate. The destination has famous travelers who can find tropical highland climate in Shillong Hills.

Climate Conditions

It has offered Subtropical Highland nature around all year. The temperature ranges between 14 to 23 degree Celsius in the Summer session. Summer months offered normal cold temperature. In Winter it exhibits Cold and dry temperature. Monsoon session starts from June and Rainfalls end with August month.  It has a famous destination for Sightseeings and Adventures.

Best Time To Visit

Travelers visit this destination all sessions in a year. But it has perfect to visit this destination in October and November and March, April months exhibits favorable climate to visitors. December to February it gains a minimum of low temperature. Tourists interested in visiting this destination for sightseeing of Elephant Falls and Shillong Golf Course.

Tourist attractions in Shillong Hill Station

It has also known as Scott Land of East. It has offered few more tourist places to visitors. Shillong destinations attracted visitors with Greenish nature, Sports grounds, Water Falls, lakes, Sanctuaries, Green Hills. Shillong Peak is a great destination. It has a famous breathtaking spot in Meghalaya. Elephant Falls, Entomological Museum, Sweet Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Bishop and Beadon Falls, Willson Sangam State Museum.

How To Reach 

Shillong has much connected with other major tourist attractions in Meghalaya.

By Air

But it hasn’t owned airport near to this Hill Station. The nearest airport located in Umroi Airport in Barapani. Shillong has well access with Meghalaya main cities by road route.

By Rail

Guwahati Railway Station situated near to Meghalaya’s Hill Station. It has access to Delhi and other Major states in India.

By Road

Regular Buses, Taxis available at any time from Meghalaya. Guwahati road route is the best way to visit this destination.


Shillong Hill Station provides a vast number of accommodation facilities to all kind of travelers budget. It has provided hotels, resorts, guest houses. Travelers visit this destination during summer months. Because of it has an Ideal Summer hill station in India. In Winter it offered expensively climate and attracted tourists spots. Some Hotels offered taxi for local sightseeings in Meghalaya.

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