Coorg HoneyMoon Spots- Places To Visit in Karnataka

Coorg HoneyMoon Spots- Places To Visit in Karnataka

Located in Karnataka,  Coorg is one of the famous HoneyMoon destination in India. It has attracted the visitors with its View of Mountains, Aromatic Coffee smell. The destination has filled with lush greenish nature and pleasant climate. Coorg is a district in the Indian state of Karnataka. It has also known as Kodagu and spread as a state. Coorg provides a vast number of attracted locations and expensive luxury hotels to the couple. Coorg HoneyMoon Spots provides an enjoyable experience to each couple. Dubare Elephant Camp is a major attraction to the adventure seekers and thrilling experienced couple.

Coorg tourist destinations experienced Tropical Monsoon climate around all year. It has gained heavy rainfall in Monsoon months of June and July months. Summer session starts from March to May months received a maximum of 35 degree Celsius temperature. Winter occasion began from October to February months. In this months it gains low-temperature range up to 15 degree Celsius. It has one of the known honeymoon spots in  India. Best time to visit Coorg from October to March. It has perfect to Adventure seekers. March to May months provides sightseeing favorable climate.

1. Abbey Water Falls

Abbey Water Falls in Coorg has one of the known destination to the newly wedded couple. It has located about 8 kilometers from Madikeri and 268 kilometers from Bangalore. Abbey Falls has surrounded by lush greenish nature. After monsoon session, this waterfall looks with the heavy beauty of nature. Travelers visit this destination around all year. The destination has provided enjoyable moments in your honeymoon trip. Hanging bridge near to this fall’s major attraction to all kind of travelers.

2. Dubare Elephant Camp, Coorg HoneyMoon Spots

Dubare Elephant Camp is another famous attraction to the couple. It has populated with Elephant Camp. Thousands of regular travelers, adventure seekers, and couple participate in this Camp. It has easily accessible via Mangalore way. Inside of this camp has a lake. It has a major attraction to the due. Travelers will not miss visiting this destination. Because of this camp filled with lush greenish nature. In this location, you can observe few more wild animals such as Deer, Musk Deer, Sambar, Sloth Bear, Birds, Peacocks, etc…

3. Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat is a sessional Garden of Flowers and artificial fountains. It has situated near to Madikeri. The Raja’s Seat has famous to Couple and nature lovers. This tourist spot filled with greenery plantations and colorful of sessional flowers. The Couple will visit this destination during the Monsoon session and after Monsoon. In this period, it looks like a scenic beauty of natural nature. 

Coorg is famous for Coffee plantations. It has one of the famous attraction to the couple. The destination has filled with a number of attractions and exciting things to do in this location. Coorg HoneyMoon Spots covered with full of greenish nature. Couples Surely make this trip to enjoy the celebration of your new life with your better half. 

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