Dharchula Hill Stations – List Of Hill Stations In Dharchula, Travel Guide & Best Attractions

Dharchula Hill Stations – List Of Hill Stations In Dharchula, Travel Guide & Best Attractions

One of the exotic hill stations in Uttarakhand is Dharchula, a town in Pithoragarh district of the north Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is an ancient trading destination for trans Himalaya Trade routes. Dharchula is a pleasant spot and paradise for nature lovers. Hundreds of travelers explored this place through the entire year for enjoying the scenic nature of this place. A home to several Hill spots and rugged mountains. Dharchula Hill Stations covered with full of lush nature and green grasslands. The hill is located about 82 kilometers from Pithoragarh on the way to Kailash- Mansarovar pilgrimage. It the major attraction to explore in this destination. 







Tourist Places To Visit In Dharchula Hill Stations

Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary, Kali River, Om Parvat, Jauljibi, Chirkila Dam, Narayan Ashram, Adhi Kailash, and Shopping are the best attractions of Dharchula. It is a major tourist attraction of this place.

Narayan Ashram

Narayan Ashram accommodated more than 40 members at a time. During the winter, the Ashram closed to the public due to the freezing climate. The Ashram situated at an altitude of 2753 meters above sea level. The Heritage site established by Narayana Swami in 1936. 

Dharchula Hill Station


Lake Mansarovar, the highest body of a freshwater lake in the world. It was fed by the Kailash Glaciers. Like Mount Kailash, the Mansarovar lake is also known pilgrimage site attracted devotees from India, Tibet, and Nepal. Lake lies at an altitude of 4,590 meters above sea level. All have believed that the lake was first created in Mind by Lord Brahma. The Lake has revered as a sacred place for four religions such as Hinduism, Bon, Jainism, and Buddhism. Hundreds of devotees from different parts of the world reached this lake and take a deep dip into this water. All have believed that the bathing in Mansarovar and Dring water of this lake cleanses all sins believed by Hindus.

Dharchula Hill Station

List Of Hill Stations In Dharchula, Uttarakhand

The place has a famous tourist attraction in Uttaranchal with its tourist attractions and hill locations. Nepal has a town with a similar name, Dharchula. Dharchula town in Nepal and Uttarakhand both cities followed similar culture, lifestyle, and Traditions. Nepal’s town act as a border between Nepal and India

Chaukori Hill 

Chaukori, a hill station located in Pithoragarh district of the Indian state of Uttaranchal. It lies at an altitude of 2010 meters above sea level. The hill offers a spectacular view of snowy peaks such as Nandan Kot, Panchchuli, and Nanda Devi peaks. The hill station has known for its ancient pilgrimage sites namely Patal Bhuvaneshwar Temple, Mahakali Temple of Gangolihat, Kedaar Temple, Nagmandir Temple of Berinag, Arjuneshwar Shiva Temples. 

Dharchula Hill Station

Askot Hill 

Askote or Askot hill, a small Himalayan town located in Pithoragarh district. Situated about 5 kilometers from Dharchula and another known hill station of Dharchula. The hill has also known as a famous wildlife sanctuary. Askot Musk Deer sanctuary, a home to few species of Deers and Musk Deer are major animals of this park. Dharchula Hill Stations are famous for vacation tours and adventure trips.

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