Fascinating and Romantic Himachal Pradesh HoneyMoon Spots

Fascinating and Romantic Himachal Pradesh HoneyMoon Spots

Himachal Pradesh is a State in India. It has famous tourist destinations for Travelers and best HoneyMoon spot for a new couple. It has located in the Northern side of India. Shimla district is the capital of Himachal state and the Second one is Dharmashala has Winter capital destination of Himachal. Himachal has dedicated some romantic destinations to HoneyMooners. It has one of the best locations in India. If you decided to celebrate your new journey with your better half can make a trip to Himachal Pradesh HoneyMoon Spots. It gives memorable days in your new life. The Place has famous for its natural beauty and Hill stations.

1. Chail

Chail is a known Hill station in the Northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The place has located 45 kilometers from Shimla and 38 kilometers from Solan. It has situated at an elevation of 2, 250 meters. Chail destination has most pleasant and Romantic place for a newly married couple. Because of it attracts the duo to Chir pine forests. If you can visit this place, you don’t leave Chail without exploring the beauty of nature. Famous for not only HoneyMoon Couple also for regular travelers and Session visitors. Couple reaches this spot to see various tourist attractions in Chail.

2. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh HoneyMoon Spots

Shimla is the largest city in Himachal State. It has declared as a Summer capital landmark. The place has famous for Hill station and also for HoneyMooners. Thousands of explorers reached this destination around all year. Most of the couple selected Shimla for starts their new journey. It has a prominent spot in India. The couple who will want to visit this destination can reach on end of summer months. The pinch attracted the duo with child climate during summer evenings. The Mall Road and Kufri, State Museum, Hotels, Could Ends are best locations in Shimla.

3. Dalhousie

Dalhousie has another famous location for a duo. It has another summer retreat and a hill station. Season hill station has placed in Chamba district in Himachal state, India. Couple reaches this spot around all year. It has enough access to all main cities in Himachal State. Often you can visit this place you find some exploring locations and leading viewable things in Dalhousie. It has mesmerized destination in Himachal state. The location has offered some luxury hotels, resorts, for Honeymooners. Dalhousie has offered a panoramic view of plains. The name of hill station named after the British officer Lord Dalhousie.

4. Manali

Manali is one of the popular hill station in India. The place has located in Kullu district of Indian state Manali. It has also known to best HoneyMoon spot in India. it has situated at an elevation of 2015 meters above sea level. The couple visits this destination for exploring their love in different ways. It has offered few more Luxury hotels, resorts. Best time to visit Manali Honeymoon spots from September till Mid December. The Monsoon retreats the place. Manali tourist places offered an enjoyable experience to each couple. In Summer, Manali received moderately cool temperature.

Himachal Pradesh has one of the populated destination in with its natural beauty. The Place has offered some exciting places and thrilling things for Couple. Himachal Pradesh HomeyMoon spots well known as snow gland hills and lakes. It has a famous destination for Indians as well as foreign tourists.

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