Guide To Explore Nalbana Bird Sanctuary, Orissa

Guide To Explore Nalbana Bird Sanctuary, Orissa

Nalbana Bird Sanctuary, a wildlife preserved area located in the  Indian State of Odisha. This sanctuary also called as Nalbana Island covered with an area of fifteen square kilometres and it is the centre of the famous India’s biggest freshwater Chilka lake. Nalbana declared as a bird sanctuary in the year 1987 under wildlife protection act 1973.  There is an attractive feature to the lake, it appears only in monsoon and remains to disappear in other seasons. Thousands of birds have migrated to the island in the monsoon season. The Nalbana, a home for various varieties of birds and aquatic animals and this sanctuary gives a great experience to the bird lovers.




Climate Conditions and Best Time To Visit:

Nalbana Bird Sanctuary experiencing a tropical climate and moderately harm all the year around. Summer season starts from the month of March and continues till May. In this period Nalbana experience the temperature ranges between 20 to 26-degree Celsius. Monsoon season arrives in Nalbana during July to mid-October months. During the period the climate is cool and observes heavy rainfall. Winter session starts from November and ends in February and the maximum and minimum temperature observed during this period are 22 and 10-degree Celsius respectively. 

Nalbana Bird Sanctuary, one most popular tourist destinations in Orissa. The best time to visit the sanctuary and Island in the winter session. October, November, December, January, February, and March are the best months to explore Nalbana and surroundings.

Attractions At Nalbana Bird Sanctuary:

Attractions At Nalbana Bird Sanctuary:


Nalbana Bird Sanctuary, a protected and preserved area and various species of aquatic animals that blooms due to the water flow. During the Winter season, travellers can see more than a hundred varieties of birds and beautiful fishes. Other than that seashore birds and beautiful scenic nature are the other attractions. Makara Sankranthi is the most celebrated festivals and the rare bird like river tern have seen on the Island.

The other attractions in Nalbana Bird Sanctuary are Spoonbills, White Ibis, Shovellers, Brahminy Ducks, Pintails, Teals, Grey herons, Pochards, Pariah Kite, Brahminy Kites, ducks, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Marsh harriers, Peregrine Falcon, short-legged seashore bird plover and world’s most widespread bird of prey, peregrine falcon also seen here.

Getting Here And Accommodation:

Nalbana Bird Sanctuary, a Ramsar site located in Khordha district of the Indian state Odisha. The nearest airport located at Bhubaneshwar, regular flights connected to all the major destinations in the country. Balugaon is the nearest railway stations to Nalbana Island, which is 10 kilometres away from the destination. Odisha state road transport corporation provides regular buses for the traveller’s ton reach the destination. 

Nalbana Bird Sanctuary provides tents and rooms to the tourists at an affordable cost. Swimming pools and water sports are the other attractions. Government guest houses also available for the adventurers.

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