Gulmarg Hill Station | Things To Explore In Gulmarg | When To Visit Gulmarg? |

Gulmarg Hill Station | Things To Explore In Gulmarg | When To Visit Gulmarg? |

Gulmarg Hill Station is one of the ideal summer destinations in India. It is scenic as well as a beautiful hill station. The tourists across the world have been visiting it throughout the year. But one could find the Gulmarg crowded with tourists during the peak season is from December to April. The hill station has been attracting nature, photography and adventure enthusiasts. The major activity that tourist shouldn’t miss is the Gulmarg Gondola the longest cable car projects in the world. Moreover, skiing is the everyone’s favorite adventure activity in Gulmarg.   It carries nearly 600 people per hour to and from the kongdoori mountain. Moreover, the tourists will please with the facilities such as accommodation, hotels, and restaurants. 

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Best Time To Visit Gulmarg:

The Best Time To Visit Gulmarg is between October and June. So it is the ideal destination in summer. The Hill station contains the pleasant weather during summers ranges from 13 to 26 degrees Celcius. During this time of the year, you can able to spot the flowers with vibrant colors. While in winter the tourists throng to the Gulmarg to enjoy the snow-covered slopes and Gulmarg Gondola ride. 

Points Of Interest And Things To Explore In Gulmarg Hill Station

Gondola Lift:

Gondola Lift is the world’s longest and highest cable car. It is a joint business enterprise of the Jammu&Kashmir Govt and French Firm Pomagalski. Gondola Ride makes you feel excited and thrilled. During this ride, the tourists could see the breathtaking views. Almost every tourist shouldn’t want to miss the Gondola Ride if he/she visit Gulmarg Hill Station

Gulmarg Hill Station

Gulmarg Ski Resort:

Gulmarg is stated as the best ski destination in India. The sport will certainly satiate the adrenaline rush of the adventure lovers. The beginners could also take part in the thrilling adventure but they have to choose a lower level of difficulty. The adventure experts can challenge themselves while selecting the high altitude drops. 

Gulmarg Ski Resort

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve:

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve excites both wildlife and photography enthusiasts. It is a paradise for birdwatchers. The Biosphere Reserve covers an area of 180 sq km. The tourists could spot the rare species like Musk Deer in this reserve. They could also spot various varieties of flora and fauna.

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve


Cedrus Deodara, Pinus Griffithii, Abies Pindrow, Aesculus Indica, Indigofera Heterantha, and Sorbaria Tomentosa.


 Hangul, Musk Deer, Serow, Brown Bear, Leopard, Black Bear and Red Fox.

Apharwat Peak:

Apharwat Peak is an adventurers paradise. Here trekking is the major activity that indulges the tourists a lot. Moreover, the tourists could spot the amazing views of surrounding mountains while trekking. Also, the cool breeze will enchant the tourists. 

Apharwat Peak


Teeming with the tourists all the time. Owing to it is easily accessible. Moreover, it is surrounded by mountains and the valley is filled with a variety of wildflowers of vibrant colors during the spring season. The splendid views of the Nanga Parbat, the Himalayas, and the twin peaks of Nun and Kun will enchant the tourists who visit Khilarmarg in Gulmarg Hill Station. 


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