Kausani Hill Station- A Complete Tour Guide to Visit Kausani

Kausani Hill Station- A Complete Tour Guide to Visit Kausani

Kausani is a hill station and famous village in Bageshwara district of Indian state of Uttarakhand. It has famous for tourist locations. Kausani located about 52 kilometers from the District of Bageshwara city. Tourists visit this destination throughout the year. The tourist spots attracted the visitors with greenish forest areas. Mahatma Gandhi called Kausani tourist places as Switzerland of India. Because of it has similar Land spaces compare to Switzerland tour places. It has famous for trekking spots. Tourists can visit this destination for enjoying the adventure spots in Kausani Hill Station. Lakshmi Ashram and Tea gardens another famous feature attractions for Travelers. 

Climate Condition

Kausani Tourism places famous for Uttaranchal People. The Climate condition in Kausani receives pleasant temperature throughout the year. The Average temperature in Summer months of March to June months receives between 10 Degree Celsius to 26 degree Celsius. In Winter session October to February it maintains a Mild cold temperature between fifteen Degree Celsius to Two Degree Celsius. In Rain Fall Session months of July to September, it receives maximum rainfalls. Kausani wins Maximum of 25 degree Celsius throughout the Year. 

Best Time to Visit 

Kausani tourist destinations attracted the visitors with Snow capped hill station. Thousands of travelers visited this destination. Because of the tourist locations in Kausani famous for Trekking trails. The Perfect time to visit this destination during the Summer session. Because of temperature level in summer and it provides a pleasant climate for Travelers. Buy Travelers who want to view the more expensive kind nature those tourists visit this destination during the Winter session. But travelers advice to avoid the Rainfall session. Because of this meeting, Kausani receives rain.

Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Kausani

Kausani has few more tourist locations for travelers. It has famous for its scenic beauty and pleasant nature. Anashakti Ashram and Lakshmi Ashram, Tea Estates in Kausani most visited tour sites. Kausani is famous for View Point of Kausani surrounding the Himalayas. Pindar Glacier, Rudrahari Temple, Sunder Glacier, Kafni, Kafari have famous trekking places in Kausani. Baijanth group of Temples attracted the tourists to fill with tea plantation. Pant house of Sumitranandhan Pant and Rudradhara Caves, Water Falls another tour features.

How To Reach Kausani

Kausani Tourist places well connected to the major tourist areas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It has few major spots to visit Kausani destination easily. 

By Airport

For reaching Kausani destination through Airport Pithoragarh Airport is prime for Kausani. It has located in Pantnagar. And Indira Gandhi International Air Port is the nearest airport to reach Kausani.

By Railway

It has more opportunities to reach Kausani via railway route. Kothagudem Railway Station is nearest Railway route to reach Kausani. 

By Road

Kausani has well-connected to the major cities in Uttarakhand. It has few more Road courses. Kothagudem, Delhi, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ranikhet places. These cities provide Buses and Cars, taxes to reach Kausani tourist areas.


Kausani tourist places offer accommodation facilities for interested travelers. Here All kind of people budget hotels, Resorts, available. Kausani Hill Station, Most of the Kausani’s serve in the Amry. And other people worked in Tea Estate factories, and Agricultural men’s. 

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