Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra- Climate, Places, Accommodation

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra- Climate, Places, Accommodation

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, a fully green forest reserved area located in the Satara district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. The place has filled many tourist attractions like a waterfall, rich vegetation, lake, and rare species of flora and fauna. This sanctuary notified as a wildlife preserved area in 1985 under wildlife protection act 1972. Konya exactly in the middle of western ghats spread over an area of about 423 square kilometres and ranges from 600 to 1100 metres. Travellers explore the destination to enjoy and found wild animals, birds and beautiful photography views. The place declared as natural world heritage site in 2012, for having architecture findings like windmills and tourist resorts.

Climate Conditions:

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary receives heavy rainfall and having a cool climate. Summer season starts from March and continues up to May. During the period Koyana observes little heat and the temperature recorded in the time between 21 to 39-degree Celsius and the season apt for travellers. June to October considered as Monsoon session in the destination. It experiences heavy rainfall, the sanctuary looks greeny. Winter occasion starts from November and lasts till February. During the period sanctuary experiences cool and comfortable and the average temperature recorded of about 30-degree Celsius. 

Konya Sanctuary filled with full of experiences and place where remains cool and comfortable for experiencing beautiful locations, and more information. The best time to explore the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary in the winter season. November, December, January, February and March are the best months to explore the destination. 

Wildlife & Attractions At Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary:

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, a place having rich and rare varieties of wild animals, birds, and vegetation. The place fully covered with western ghats on one side and a beautiful lake called Shivsagar on the other side. Endangered trees like Bamboo, frankincense, longan and medicinal plants like Dhayati, Kadipatta, Tamalpati, Toran, Narkya and etc are found here.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sanctuary attracts the tourists with a rich diversity of animals like Bengal tigers, Indian bison, Sambar and sloth bears, Indian leopards, mouse deer, barking deer, Gray langurs, Smooth-coated and Indian Giant Squirrels. Birds like a Brown-capped pygmy woodpecker, Heart-spotted Woodpecker, Blue coloured bird and Long-tailed nightjar are found here. Shivsagar lake, Koyna Dam, and a beautiful hill view are the attractions in the destination. 

How To Reach:

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary has well connected to all the major tourist destinations in Maharashtra. Travellers can reach the destination via by air, train and by road. 

  • Nearest airport located at Kolhapur, which is 65 kilometres away from the destination. Regular flights available from Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad.
  • The sanctuary located near to Kolhapur railway station. Buses and private taxis are available from the railway station to a sanctuary. 
  • Koyana well connected to Kolhapur and Satara. Maharashtra state road transport corporation regularly provides bus facilities to the Sanctuary. Tourism department also provides various packages to the tourists to explore the Tourist attractions in the state.


Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary offers a wide range of accommodation facilities to the travellers. Government guest houses, forest cottages, and luxury resorts are provided with the basic amenities at an affordable cost. Lake and hill view open meal also available offer by the authorities.


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