Loktak Lake In Manipur | World’s Only Floating National Park

Loktak Lake In Manipur | World’s Only Floating National Park

Loktak Lake offers great opportunities for tourists to explore numerous scenic floated islets which will appear in varied geometrical shapes. These islets hosted huts and fishing settlements. The largest islet boasts the Keibul Lamjao National Park, habitat for varied animals such as sangai, endangered brown-antlered deer. It is declared as a national park to protect these endangered animals.  Avail the amenities like cafeteria provided by the islands named Sandra and Punbala.

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Loktak Lake enlarges over 500 square kilometers during the rainy season. When it comes to summer the stretching area reduces to half, especially during the months of February and March. It is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India. And it is located in Moirang, Manipur. And it has gained prominence due to its floating islets or ‘Phumdis’ and a rich vegetation.  

The islets or Phumdis float during the rains and sink during  Summer in the dry months, sucking nutrients from the lake bed to replenish their roots and float again when the next monsoon cycle begins. Now the Loktak Lake islets are at risk due to Loktak Hydroelectric Project.


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