Manipur Hill Stations – Best and Most Attractive Hill Stations in Manipur

Manipur Hill Stations – Best and Most Attractive Hill Stations in Manipur

Manipur is a state in northeast India. Imphal is the capital city of this state. It was one of the famous hill stations state in this country. Manipur offers a wide range of attractions and nature enjoyable spots to nature enthusiasts. The state has four main rivers namely Barak river, Yu river, Lanye river, and Manipur river. The State has experienced moderately pleasant climate through all the year. The destination has covered with dense forest locations and greenery mountains. More than 14,365 kilometers area covered with natural vegetations. There are several species of forest plantations such as teak, pine, oak, Uningthou, Leihao, bamboo, and cane. Rubber, tea, coffee, orange, Cardamom forest plantations also grown in this planes. Kaina, Maibam Lokpa, Khoriphaba Hill, Kangchup, Mount Kisha, Longthabal are Manipur Hill Stations.

Mount Kisha - Manipur Hill Stations

Best Season To Explore Hill Stations of Manipur 

The significant destinations of this state have experienced pleasant climate all the year around. The maximum temperature during the summer goes up to 32 oC. In winter, it reaches up to 0 oC. From May to October is known as Monsoon season. During this time, the state gains occasional showers. The best season to visit Manipur is from November to April. 

Kaina Hill Station – Famous for Sacred Jackfruit Tree

Kaina is a small Hillock in the Imphal district of the Indian state of Manipur. The hill lies on the way to Imphal- Yariripok road. Sacred Jackfruit Tree is the major tourist attraction in this state. A tree spot is a historical place and Jackfruit tree growing on the small hill of Kaina, it offers images of Lord Krishna. 

Manipur Hill Stations

Mount Kisha Hill famous in Manipur Hill Stations

Mount Kisha Hill is locally known as Kachakhou. The Hill located in Tamenglong district of the Indian state of Manipur. The Hill located at an average elevation of 1,560 meters above sea level. Mt. Kisha hill location has the perfect spot for trekking trails. The hill has maintained viewable climate throughout the year.

Maibam Lokpa Hill

Maibam Lokpa Hill

Maibam Lokpa hill, another famous hill station in Manipur. The hill location famous for its part of Indo- Japanese War since 1944. Khoriphaba hill and Maibam Lokpa hill stations are located in Nambol town, Manipur, India. Khoriphaba hill is famous for Haraoba festival. The festival celebrations conducted during the summer season every year. Manipur Hill Stations are known for natural locations and adventure activities.

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