Mount Abu Tourist Attractions | Best Places To Visit In Mount Abu

Mount Abu Tourist Attractions | Best Places To Visit In Mount Abu

In this article, we have provided the Mount Abu Tourist Attractions. If you are planning your trip to Mount Abu then take a quick look at our collection of major tourist attractions in Mount Abu. 

Sightseeing and Famous Mount Abu Tourist Attractions

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary:

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is not only famous for its rich biodiversity but also for its splendid views. It is located in the Aravalli range and was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1980. Paradise for bird lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The tourist can found the abundant collection of animals and birds. Also, the rich vegetation in the sanctuary is a visual delight. Apart from it, the tourists can spot the numerous bamboo forests and roses. And It is a habitat for more than 250 species of birds.The sanctuary comprises of 112 plant families with 449 genera and 820 species. Of these, 663 species are dicots while 157 species are monocots. Some of the famous sightseeing wildlife species including Indian Leopard, small Indian civet, common langur, common mongoose, wild boar, sloth bear, pangolin, sambar, and jungle Indian wolf etc. 

Mount Abu Tourist Attractions

Honeymoon Point:

Honeymoon Point or Anadara Point is among the famous Mount Abu Tourist Attractions. Here the tourists love to have a glance at the love rock. It is perched at a height of 4000 feet with the backdrop of Nakki Lake and Old Gateway to Mount Abu. Moreover, the serene surroundings, scenic beauty, and tranquility will please your eyes and gives you a refreshing feeling. Also, the Honeymoon Point is famous for splendid sunset views.

Mount Abu Tourist Attractions

Achalgarh Fort:

Achalgarh Fort is a worth visit place in Mount Abu. The magnificent Fort was built in 1452 by the Rajput ruler Rana Kumba. The sculptures, numerous colossal temples, huge walls of the fort are drawing the attention of the visitors. Among the several temples, Kantinath Jain Temple is a visual delight. Moreover, Achleshwar Mahadev Temple is also the major tourist attraction. 

Mount Abu Tourist Attractions

Sunset Point:

If you are a nature lover then you must visit this sunset point situated in the south-west of Nakki Lake. Enchant the sun setting on the backdrop of Aravali Ranges. After having the glimpse of the charming Sunset I am sure you will be delighted. Later enjoy the shopping. You will find several shops very near to this point. 

Mount Abu Tourist Attractions


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