Mountaineering – Adventure Sport |Top Mountaineering Destinations in India

Mountaineering – Adventure Sport |Top  Mountaineering Destinations in India

Mountaineering is the term which describes  the sport of Mountain Climbing . Some of the mountaineering activities are climbing ice, rocks, trekking up mountains. Some more activities are added like Backpacking , Hiking, Skiing . Some other states also include mountaineering activities as Indoor climbing , Sport Climbing and Bouldering. while Mountaineering is the adventurous one in the adventure sports . Mountaineering began as attempts  to reach the highest point of unclimbed big mountains .

Mountaineering was distinguished into three branches namely Rock Craft, Snow Craft and skiing depending on the weather the routes are chosen ice, snow and rock . For all these aspects athletic ability and technical knowledge ,experience should be required . In European Languages mountaineering is often called as “Alpinism” which means travelling with minimal equipment in high .The Word “Alpinism” was defined in 19th century who enjoys the climbing itself as a purpose of recreation.There are some many places which are suitable for mountaineering like  Leh Ladhak ,Manali, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh , Himalayas , Uttarakhand .

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Top Mountaineering Destinations In India

1. Ladakh 

Ladakh is one of the famous location for some major peaks which offers best mountaineering experience . As the mountains are slippery slopes and tricky peaks mountaineering in Ladakh needs skill, stamina and experience .  Low atmospheric pressure is another factor to be  considered .The kangyatse peak is the difficult mountain among all the mountains in Ladakh it takes 9 days for reaching  the highest destination. There are some many peaks similar to that of . Suru valley is one of the preferred location in Ladakh for mountaineering. 


2. Himachal Pradesh

When it comes to Himachal Pradesh its provides various opportunities for mountaineering. There are deep valleys, snow capped mountains , rivers and grassy plains . There are some many peaks in the state of Himachal Pradesh like Shilla( 7,025 m), Kinnaur Kailash Peak (6500 m, 21320 ft), Indrasan Peak (6220 m, 20401 ft) , Deo Tibba Peak (6001 m, 19683 ft), Hanuman Tibba Peak (5860 m, 19220 ft), Shitidhar Peak (5290 m, 17351 ft).


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