Ooty HoneyMoon Places- Best Places to Visit in Ooty

Ooty HoneyMoon Places- Best Places to Visit in Ooty

Ooty is a populated hill station in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It has also known as Udagamandalam. The Hill Station has situated at an altitude of 2240 meters above sea level. The destination has provided a vast number of tourist attractions to the visitors and newly wedded couples. Travelers visited this destination around all year. Ooty became known as Queen of Hill Stations. Ooty HoneyMoon Places provides sightseeing favorable climate to the visitors. During Monsoon in Ooty offered tempting climate to the Couple. Travelers visited Ooty destinations to enjoy the cold climate with chilled nights during the Winter session.

Best time to visit Ooty around all year. Winter starts from October to February months received pleasant climate ranges between 15 to 20 degree Celsius. Summer starts from March to May months. In this months, It gained hot temperature. Monsoon in Ooty gained occasional showers.

1. Botanical Graden

Ooty government botanical garden is one of the populated tourist attraction in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The garden has divided into several sections. Lower division, Italian, Conservatory, Nurseries. The Botanical Garden filled with different types of plantations. The Garden is also famous for Toda hills called as Thoda Muds. The garden in Nilgiri Hills of Tamilnadu provides a lot of pleasant feelings to the travelers.

2. Avalanche Lake in Ooty HoneyMoon Places

Avalanche Lake is one of the populated attraction in Ooty for newly wedded couple. It has situated about 28 kilometers from Ooty in Nilgiri district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Lake has surrounded by lush greenish nature and flowering with different types of plantations and landscapes. The Couple will enjoy the nature of this lake. It has one of the populated honeymoon locations in India. It has attracted thousands of visitors and Couple around all year.

3. Elk Hill Temple View

Most of the people felt that Ooty is only famous for Botanical Garden, Boating. It has known that Ooty has also known to Elk Hill Temple. It has one of the populated tourist attractions to the Couple. The Hill has surrounded by dense forests. The scenic beauty of nature attracted the visitors. Elk Hill Temple View treated Eyes. Most of this visitors visited this destination during Winter occasion. In this session, hill covered with the misty and Foggy atmosphere.

4. Kamaraj Sagar Dam

Kamaraj Sagar Dam has located about 10 kilometers from Ooty. It has another populated destination in Ooty. It has also known as a populated picnic spot in Tamil Nadu. The Dam has provided Environment, Studying, and Fishing Nature. Kamaraj Sagar Dam has surrounded by greenery locations.

5. Needle Rock View Point

Needle Rock View Point is named from its Conical Shaped Rock. It has attracted the visitors with its Sunset View Point and Panoramic View of Nilgiri Hills called as the Blue Mountains. The destination has provides a favorable climate to the visitors around all year. Ooty HoneyMoon Places attracted to Tea Estates, Nilgiri Mountain Railway connected to the Major tourist attractions in Ooty. 

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