Pondicherry Honey Places- Best Places To Visit in Pondicherry

Pondicherry Honey Places- Best Places To Visit in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is capital and largest city of Union Territory of Puducherry. The destination has famous for Indian visitors and HoneyMoon spots. It has attracted the couple with its meadows and lush greenish landscapes. Climate condition in Pondicherry tropical wet and dry climate. The Couple visits this destination during Winter occasion. It has one of the famous HoneyMoon destination in India. Pondicherry HoneyMoon Tour gives excited and enjoyable days to the newly wedded couple. It has provided a vast number of Romantic and attracted accommodation facilities to the duo. 

1. Pondicherry Botanical Garden

Pondicherry Botanical Garden situated in Avenue of Beach Road Pondicherry. It has one of the famous couple attracted destination. The Botanical Garden filled with Frech architectures, Waterfronts, Mimi Train Rides, Flower Beds, and Other French architectures. The Garden has established by French Colonial. It has attracted thousands of Kinds and regular travelers. 

Entry Fee: Pondicherry Botanical Garden provides entry fee to Indian visitors and Foreign travelers. It provides mini train ride charges also for adults and kids.

Key Attractions: Musical Fountains, Dancing Fountains, Toy Train Ride, It offered two shows at evening. These shows based on Climate conditions.

2. Pondicherry Museum

Pondicherry Museum has situated in Saint Louis Street in Pondicherry. It has another famous attraction to travelers. It has opened all days except Mondays and national holidays. Travelers can visit this destination around all year. The Museums in Pondicherry are Jawahar Toy Museum, Bharathidasan, Anand Ranga Pillai, and Subhrahmanya Bharathi museums.

Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

3. Pondicherry Beach Pondicherry HoneyMoon Tour

Pondicherry Beach has another attracted tourist destination to Duo. It has a paradise for all beach excited travelers and regular visitors. The destination has known to HoneyMooners and Adventure seekers. Travelers will visit this destination throughout the except Monsoon session. 

Entry Fee: There is no entry for paradise of Pondicherry 

Key Attractions: The beach has famous for Trekking trails, Beach Volleyball, Backwaters, Boat Rides, Picnic spot. All these activities in this beach surroundings made this trip attractive and thrilling experience.

4. Chunnamabr Boat House

Chunnambar Boat House situated about eight kilometers from Pondicherry. It has one of the famous destination to HoneyMooner. Chunnambar has attracted the visitors with its Speedboating and relaxed Sun Bath in this Lake. It has a great destination for Relaxation. It has sports center for Adventure seekers. Chunnambar Boathouse provides Water Adventure Sports.

Entry Fee: It provides charges to Speed Boating

Key Attractions: It has an ideal spot for having a relaxed sunbath, Boating, Trekking, Picnic spot, and Boat Ride around the area.

5. French War Memorial 

It has another famous tourist destination in Pondicherry. Travelers visit this destination around all year. The War Memorial is a reminder of those brave soldiers laid their lives during First World War. It has situated in Goubert Avenue in Pondicherry. It has opened all days in a year. Pondicherry HoneyMoon Tour gives memorable days in Couple new journey. The destinations filled with joy and excited spots. Pondicherry is one of the best spots for HoneyMooners.

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