Prashar Lake Trek 2018 – Group Adventure Holidays In Himachal Pradesh

Prashar Lake Trek 2018 – Group Adventure Holidays In Himachal Pradesh

Prashar Lake: Located in Mandi district of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It lies about 59 kilometers to North Mandi. Lies at an elevation of 9000 ft above sea level. The lake appeared with full of lush through the entire year except for winter. The ground of Prashar Lake is covered with snow and the lake is frozen in February. It is one of the best destinations for trekking trails (Prashar Lake Trek 2018). Located at a height of 2730 meters above sea level. With a deep blue water, the lake temple is held sacred to Sage Prashar.







Hundreds of trekkers explored this place during the winter and summer season. Winter is perfect for snow treks. But travelers who want to experience the extra fun and full of thrilling those will try to visit this place in winter. Three storied Pagoda temple dedicated to Sage Prashar and Built in thirteenth century. Surroundings of this lake filled with green grasslands and picturesque landscapes.

Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake Trek 2018, A perfect Family Trekking Trails In Himachal Pradesh

Today peoples of all faith come here and throw money, gold coins, and silver coins into the water. At present with the increase of regular travelers or adventure seekers here are some accommodation opportunities available with basic facilities. This place is opened to the visitors through the entire year except for winter i.e December to March. This place is peaceful with old images of saint Prashar. Three hours Trek to Prashar Lake from Rohanda is one of the best experience to each thrilling seekers. 

Surrounded by Dhauladhara range in Kullu valley is a blue water lake is called as Prashar Lake. Kantlu to Prashar Lake trek is another way to explore this floating island lake. Prashar Lake protected by a fence. So you can’t reach enter it. There is around, floating island inside of this lake. By luck, if it is opened to the public while you are in this place, mostly try to explore this island. It gives memorable moments in your trip. 

Prashar Lake Trek

Floating Island Inside Prashar Lake 

Local believed that the lake is in the shape of Bheem’s elbow. All have known as the lake came from Kamru valley. Till no one can’t find out the depth of this lake. There is a legendary story behind of this lake. In Puranas, Bheem created this lake. The Story goes to after Kurukshetra war Pandav’s returning to the Kamrung God. They decided to live here. So Bheem rams elbow and created a dent. This dent is known as Prashar Lake. 

Prashar Lake Trek

How To Reach Prashar Lake

Must you carry trekking stick at any season? This tour provides best adventure holidays in your lifetime trip. Travelers can reach this lake either trekking or roadway. There is a bus service available from Mandi. Prashar Trek 2018 adventure holiday tours are best adventure trips in India.

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