Puerto Rico Rainforest | El Yunque National Forest

Puerto Rico Rainforest | El Yunque National Forest

Puerto Rico Rainforest or El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rainforest under the influence of the U.S. Forest Service. And famously known as Caribbean National Forest.  As per the latest updates, portions of a famous rainforest in Puerto Rico are slowly reopening to visitors. We all knew that U.S territory had experienced the Hurrican Maria six months ago. So El Yunque National Forest has partially closed. 

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El Yunque has been attracting more than half a million visitors across the world every year. It is an epitome of scenic beauty. There are various trails in the forest which provides great opportunities for visitors to explore the flora and fauna from a close proximity. In addition to that lush foilage and bewitching waterfalls will feast your eyes.  The Puerto Rico Rainforest boasts the rich vegetation. The forest contains the four varied forest vegetation areas such as Tabonuco Forest, Palo Colorado Forest, Sierra Palm Forest, and Dwarf Forest. 

About Flora and Fauna In Puerto Rico Rainforest: 

A  28,000-acre tropical rainforest is a habitat for over 240 species of plants. It is an abode of Endangered Amazona Vittata(medium size green parrot). The bird species is hardly seen anywhere in the world except El Yunque. Apart from it, the visitors can find common coqui and hummingbirds in large numbers. Common Coqui is an amphibian. It contains some features that are unusual in frogs. These differences are seen mainly in its morphology, reproduction, and developmental stages

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