Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Guide, Places to see

Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Guide, Places to see

Sharavathi is a river which flows entirely within the Indian state of Karnataka. A famous Jog Falls situated about 24 kilometers from Sagar. The Waterfall is formed by the Shravathi river. The Wildlife sanctuary is this city is a part of this river. It is a home to several species of wild animals and flora. Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, a perfect spot for adventure tour. It offers Jungle camp activities to the thrilling seekers. definitely, you will enjoy the thrilling atmosphere and pleasant climate of this sanctuary. This natural attraction of sanctuary located in Shimong district of Karnataka and spanning over 431 square kilometers.







Best Season to Explore Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary

With a major part of the river laying in the Western Ghats. It experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. The sanctuary gains pleasant climate in between November to March months. These months are ideal to explore the natural attraction of Sharavathi. The best season to explore Sharavathi sanctuary during the winter and spring seasons. The summer season of this sanctuary starts from March and lasts until Mid-June.

During this period, It receives pleasant climate with a maximum of temperature ranging up to 28 degree Celsius. From July to Mid- October months are Monsoon season. At this time, the sanctuary received heavy rainfall. November is marked as the start of Sharavathi and it continues until February. During this period, It experienced pleasant climate with a minimum of temperature ranging up to 8 degree Celsius.

Wild Life Animals, Birds, and Things to Do in Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary 

Sharavati Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is a part of Sharavati river basin. It was declared as wildlife sanctuary in 1972. It was a home to most every green tropical deciduous plantations and forest. Dipterocarpus Indicus, Calophyllum Tomentosum, Machilus Macrantha, Caryota urens and Aporosa Lindleyana. A view of Sharavathi valley gives a pleasant experience to each one.

In this sanctuary, travelers can also experience wild animals include Leopards, Tigers, Chital, Gaur, Langur, Sloth Bear, Sambar Deer, Musk Deer, Wild Boar, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Malabar Gain Squirrel, Mouse deer, Wild Pig, Bonnet Macaque, Gaint Flying Squirrel are common species of wild animals in this sanctuary. The sanctuary also a perfect spot for adventure activities. Trekking, Jungle Camping are known activities in this location. The Sharavathi Nature Camp is an ideal location to experience the magical monsoon climate.

Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

How to Reach and Accommodation 

The sanctuary much linked to the major cities in the around the state Karnataka via rail, air, and roadways. The sanctuary located in Shimoga district situated about 331 kilometers from Bangalore and 163 kilometers from Bangalore. The nearest airport located in Mangalore which is situated about 216 kilometers from this sanctuary. Regular flights connected to the other major destinations in India. Shimoga railway is the closest railway head to reach this sanctuary. From this railway head regular buses available to the Sharavathi.

The sanctuary has well connected to the significant cities in Karnataka by Roadtrip. Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary offers Nature Camping and Jungle Camp facilities to the interested travelers. Luxury resorts, Hotels, Tourist guest houses also available at Shimoga and near to this sanctuary.

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