Shimla Travel Guide To Visiting Shimla Hill Station In India

Shimla Travel Guide To Visiting Shimla Hill Station In India

The Shimla Hill Station is still colonial Summer Capital Hill Station in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The Resort which British used to heat of Indio- Gangetic Plains used to become unbearable. Shimla is another Famous Hill Stations in India. It is capital and the Large city of Himachal Pradesh state. Simla is home to some buildings that have to construct as styled in the neo- Gotic Architecture and Colonial Era.

Tourist is interested in visiting this location. Because of this hill station surrounding nature and cold climate.  It is the principle, Cultural, an Educational region in the State. The Region first satisfy with dense forest and first mentioned in the ancient as the Hindu scriptures of Vedas as the place where Lord Hanuman rested while looing for a healing herb in Ramayana. Shimla Hill is first Summer Tourist places.

It is first Summer Tourist places. The name Shimla has to derive from the Hindu Goddess Shyamala. It lies on the South- Western of Himalayans at an average elevation of 2256 meters above sea level. The green belt in Simla has spread over 414 hectares. And it maintains in Gre belt, Pine, Oka, and deodar. In Hot Temperature, Indian Army shifted to Shimla in 1876. Shimla Hills attracts tourist with snow- capped, and it is perfect for trekking. The environmental degradation of the forest every year tourist visit this area and the Population of Simla hills increase throughout the year. 

Climate Details in Shimla Hill Station

Shimla hills are subtropical highland climate. The Average temperature in Simla Hill station is -4 degrees to 31 degrees. The Temperature quiet and cold during winter session and high and warm temperature during the Summer session. In Summer occasion temperature is between 19 degrees to 28 degrees and in winter session is downs up to -2-degree celsius.  And in December to February moths its snowfalls from the Himalayas. In monsoon session July to August rainfalls up tp 17.9 Inches. 

Best Time for Visiting Simla Tourist location

Shimla is cooled, and the Climate in Shimla hills cool throughout the year. It was the reason for British visit this place. It is in a pleasant situation in the Summer session. Winter session is the best time for visiting Shimla tourist area. Because of in winter session it organizes winter sports and snowfalls. Tourists visit this location in between December to February months. 

Tourist Attractions in Shimla

Shimla has many tourist areas around by this hill station, and It is snow-capped from the Himalayas. Shimla is best hill station in India. It has Trekking, Skiing, Shopping, Snow peaks, Water Falls, lakes, Churches, Peaks, Forests, Wildlife Sanctuary, Manostary, Boatings, Snow sports, hot springs, ice Skating, Hiking, and other tourism areas.  Thousands of peoples visit Shimla hills throughout the year. Especially in Winter session, uncountable tourists visited this hill station. Shimla Tourist area is dense mountain forests. Mountains covered with Greenish and Snowfalls. Here we provide Few More Tourist areas in Shimla Hill Station.

Jakhu Temple, Tara Devi Temple, St Mary’s Church, Kali Bari, Seven Hills, Himalaya Bird Park, Lakkad Bazar, Scandal Point, Mashobra and other areas attracted the visitors. And also it has State Museum. In this Museum, it collects the historical things, Music instrumentations, and other things. 

How to Reach Shimla Tourism

Shimla Tourist area well connected with Train and Bus routes. Kalka Shimla Rail is the best way to reach Simla tourist place. Delhi and Kullu are the nearest airports points to this hill station. Simla hills well connected to the cities in Himachal Pradesh. Kalka and Kullu are major cities for this hill station. 


For tourist accommodation in Simla tourism has many resorts and hotels. And also visitors plan for their camping and It available for all level budget people. Galleu Hill Resort, Heritage Residency, Fairmount, Hotel Amber, Fairmount are Accommodation nearby the Shimla Hill Station.

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