Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan-Wildlife, Attractions

Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan-Wildlife, Attraction

Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary, a beautiful place situated in Pratapgarh district of the Indian state Rajasthan. The sanctuary established in the year 1979 declared as wildlife protected preserved area by the State Government. It spreads over an area of about 423 square-kilometres, attracts the visitors with rich varieties of flora, fauna, beautiful coloured trees, and lakes. The name Sita Mata wildlife sanctuary derived from the Goddess Sita believed that Valmiki Ashramam situated here. The seasonal rivers like Jakham, Sita Mata, Tankiya and Karmoi, flows through the destination. Images of prehistoric animals carved rocks and dry deciduous flower plants are the other attractions of the Sanctuary.






Climate Conditions:

The climate of Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary, extremely hot and humid all the year round. Summers are usually hot and observe in the months March to May. During the period the maximum temperature recorded of about 42 while minimum at 22-degree Celsius. Monsoon starts from the June and continues until September. The climate is cool and occurs moderate rainfall. Winter occasion starts in the month of November, apt for sightseeing and lasts in February. In this period the temperature ranges between 6 to 15-degree Celsius.

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Best Time To Visit:

Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary filled with full of surprises and draws the attention of the wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world. The best time to visit the beautiful destination in the Winter season and October to March considered as the best months to explore it. 

Wildlife And Attractions At Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary:

Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary, a home for several mammals, birds, reptiles and has an increasing ecosystem.Birds like Spoonbill, Rubby shelduck, cotton teal, Pintail, Nukta, spotbill, Parah kite, white-eyed buzzard, shikra, common coot, Red vettled lapwing, wood sandpiper, Redshank, common sandpiper, stone curlew, king vulture, Tawny eagle, white backed vulture, white scavenger vulture, Rain Quail, Eastrel, Black Partridge, Indian peafowl, Jungle bush quail, Saras crane, Moorhen, White-breasted Waterhen, Little Cormorant, Little grebe, Indian darter, Pond-heron, Gray Heron, cattle egret, painted stork, little egret, white necked stork, lesser whistling thrush,Purple Moorhen, pheasant tailed jacana, Black-winged stilt, River Tern, Little Stint, Indian courser, and Green-pigeon species are preserved here. 

Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan-Wildlife, Attraction

The forest consists of rich medicinal value plants and high building value Teak, Neem, Mahua, Babool, Akayan, Ashok, semal, goondi, etc. The destination having more than 1700 wild animals including jungle cats, leopards, hyenas, foxes, spotted deer, wild bears, etc protected here. Lakes, Valmiki Ashram and beautiful carved painting of animals on rocks are other attractions in the Sanctuary. 

How To Reach:

Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary well connected to all the destinations in the state. Travellers can reach the destination via by air, train and roadways.

By Air: The nearest airport to the sanctuary is Dabok Airport located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, which is 145 kilometres away from the destination and has good connectivity to all the major destinations.

By Train: Mandsaur is the nearest railhead to the sanctuary, at a distance 28 kilometres. Regular trains available from Udaipur, Chittorgarh.

By Road: Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary well connected by road. State RTC provides buses to visit the sanctuary also tourism development board offers various packages to explore.


Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary offers a wide range of accommodation and food facilities to the wildlife adventurists. Forest guest houses, lodges offer to the tourists.

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