Water Skiing in India, Water Skiing Adventure Sports Tour to India

Water Skiing in India, Water Skiing Adventure Sports Tour to India

Water Skiing is a surface water Sport. There are many options for recreational or competitive water skiers. In India, Goa, Malvan, Malpe, Bogmalo, Candolim, Tarkarli, Calangute, Hoskote, Panchagani, Tehri destinations are perfect for water skiing adventure activities. An adventure tour to India offers a wide range thrilling activities to the travelers. Water Skiing in India can take place on any type of water like rivers, Lakes, or Ocean. There are many types of water skiing sports. Barefoot water Skiing, Show Skiing, Marathon, Ski Racing, Freestyle Jumping, and Disabled. Adventure seekers can make water skiing adventure sports tour to India during the winter and spring seasons. 







1. Water Skiing in Goa

Water Skiing sport is just right option for those who like to experience the more thrilling activities on waves of Ocean. The best beaches suitable for water skiing are located in this destination. In Goa, thrilling seekers can experience the sense of adventure thrill by trying out of water skiing. Goa beaches are not only perfect spots for relaxation but also for a wide range of adventure activities. The destination also provides beach resorts to the thrilling seekers and other travelers. Goa Beaches are popular for adventure activities in India. 

Water Skiing in India

2. Adventures to Do in Tarkarli

Tarkali beach, a perfect beach location for water adventure sports. The beach located in Malvan taluk of Sindhudurg district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is a famous tourist destination and coral beach. During the post-monsoon season, the beach provides scenic nature and adventure enjoyable climate. Boating is another known activity to Do in Tarkarli beach. Tarkarli is a premier beach location for Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation. White Sand, Clear blue water, and Suru trees added to the splendor of beach. 

3. Malpe Beach Water Skiing in India

Malpe, a beach location, and important natural port about 6 kilometers to the Udupi in the south Indian state of Karnataka. There is three rock island in Malpe beach. Parasailing, Skking, and water skiing are famous adventure activities in Malpe port. Travelers can enjoy the Arabian sea corals on this beach. Thousands of travelers explored this beach location after monsoon season. Odabandeswara location in Malpe beach is famous for its temples of Balarama and Ananteswara temple. St. Mary’s Island is a famous tourist destination among the Odabandeswara. 

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