Three days and three nights
42 000₽
in Dagestan
Experience the unforgettable emotions
10% discount for kids and groups of more than four people
of more than four people
10% discount for kids and groups
Tour schedule
On the first day you’ll get an opportunity to see the heart of Dagestan — Sulak Canyon. There are many observation points so you can get the best views of it ever possible. Then we’ll head towards the biggest reservoir in the region — Chirkey Reservoir. After that you’ll see Sarykum Dune, it’s the biggest Dune in Europe, by the way.

At the end of the day let’s head to a really unique place — Nohyo Cave. From that point there’s an impressive and outstanding view of Sulak Canyon. Also there’s a bridge and you can do some bungee jumping if you’re a fan of extreme activities of course.

After that we’ll spend the whole night among the mountains
Day One
We’ll travel to:
Let’s start our day with a wonderful breakfast and then head towards Irganai Reservoir. You can try SUP-boarding there. If you like extreme activities — there’s a solution for you: a motor paraglider flight (for an additional fee).

After all our activities we will climb to the Gunib Fortress — a unique fortification that marked the end of the Caucasian War. We will also visit the local museum and take beautiful photos against the backdrop of the waterfall.
Day two
*Paid separately
Sarykum Dune
Sulak Canyon
Chirkey Reservoir
Nokhyo Cave
SUP-boarding on the Irganai Reservoir
Flying on a motor paraglider*
Visiting the museum in Gunib
Climbing to the Gunib Fortress
Travelling to Gunib Waterfall
3 день
Программа тура может немного отличаться по независящим от нас причинам. Мы сразу находим альтернативное решение, которое не сказывается на общем впечатлении от поездки
Утром мы окажемся в дали от цивилизации. Посетим старейший аул-призрак Гамсутль, которые находится
в 1500 км над уровнем моря. Окончательно он был заброшен в 2015 году, когда там умер последний житель. Это место обязательно к нашему посещению.

На обед мы заглянем к местным жителям, а после отправимся наслаждаться красотой Чохскинских террас.

В этот день мы увидим еще один знаменитый водопад
и посмотрим на местный пейзаж с высоты птичьего полета.
Аул-призрак Гамсутль
Обед у местных жителей в ауле Чох
Лучшая смотровая Дагестана с видом на Гуниб
Салтинский водопад
Чохские террасы
Трансфер в аэропорт
Day three
We’ll find ourselves far from civilization early in the morning. There’s the oldest village of Gamsutl, it’s abandoned, located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. It was completely abandoned in 2015 after the last resident passed away. This place is a must-visit for us, so we will take you there.

For lunch, we will visit locals, and afterward, travel some more to enjoy the beauty of the Chokh Terraces.

During this day, you will also see another famous waterfall and admire local landscapes from above.

Please note that the tour schedule may slightly change due to reasons beyond our control. There’s nothing to worry about, we will promptly find an alternative solution that does not affect the experience of your trip.
Ghost village of Gamsutl
Lunch with locals in the village of Chokh
The best viewpoint in Dagestan with a view of Gunib
Saltinsky Waterfall
Chokh Terraces
Transfer to the airport
one more day
in the oldest
city in Russia
Make your journey longer by arriving one day earlier to explore the ancient city of Derbent 🔆
Naryn-Kala Fortress
Derbent is a true open-air museum. We will show you the most memorable places of this city and tell you its fascinating history.
What’s in the program:
This is a must-visit. Derbent’s main attraction, which has survived since the 15th century. The fortress has endured many attacks and now stands as a symbol of resilience and historical memorial. You can enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the city from the top of the fortress.
Old Derbent
It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site just like the Naryn-Kala Fortress. Why won’t we have a walk among the narrow streets of this significant historical location?
The «Lun» ekranoplan
Ever heard of this unique, once top-secret project created during the USSR? Well, it is one of a kind and can only be found in Derbent. And we’ll travel to see it!

You definitely should take a photo with it as a souvenir!
Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hungry and will treat you to delicious national dishes.

And in the evening, we will return back to Kaspiysk.
Tour in old Derbent
Naryn-Kala Fortress
Lunch at an local ethnic house
Caspian Monster — The «Lun» ekranoplan
Return to Kaspiysk
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10% discount
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